So what's your handwriting story?

We all have one

I'm lucky. Mine is generally a very positive one. Particularly as I've been able to help so many people over the years.

Yours may be too, it's just that you feel your handwriting has deteriorated through less frequent use.

Or maybe your story isn't positive at all. I've heard some terrible accounts over the years. Bad experiences stay with us but don't have to define us. We can take action to change things.

Improving your handwriting will involve reflecting on your story and can be very cathartic. Why not start today?

Does any of this ring true for you?

Don't worry, you're not alone!

  • Are you self-conscious about writing at work or in public?

  • Do you avoid writing by hand?

  • Are you aware that people struggle to read your handwriting?

  • Find yourself making jokes about how bad it is?

  • Waste time trying to decipher your own notes?

  • Worried that you'll lose marks in exams because your writing isn't clear?

  • Hear yourself making excuses like 'It's not important in the digital age' or 'My brain is too quick for writing by hand'?

Instead would you like to:

  • Feel good about your handwriting

  • Feel confident that it can be read easily

  • Understand a process for learning and change that you can apply to others skills you want to develop

  • Understand how writing by hand can support your mental health, creativity and productivity

  • Understand how you can get noticed, make a positive impression and connect with others more personally

This course is for you if you are:

  • someone who wants to feel better about your handwriting

  • a medical professional who wants to make clearer notes

  • a teacher who wants to be a good role model and develop strategies to help students

  • a parent, grandparent or carer who wants to set a positive example

  • a student who wants to write with confidence in exams

  • wanting to show confidence and professionalism in business

  • in a profession where clear handwritten records are crucial

  • someone who has to fill in forms clearly

How the course is structured:

15 minutes a day is all you need to make long lasting changes

Welcome & baseline ( 2 days )

UNIT 1 - using the lines & c-based letters: a, d, g, o, q ( 7 days )

UNIT 2 - other small letters ( 9 days )

Letters that are about half the height of the lines: i, u, n, m, v, w, x, z, r, e, s

UNIT 3 - tall letters ( 5 days )

Letters that nearly reach the line above: b, h, l, t, k, f,

UNIT 4 - divers ( 6 days )

Letters that 'dive' below the bottom line: g, q, f, j, p, y

UNIT 5 - capital letters ( 7 days )

UNIT 6 - digits ( 4 days )

UNIT 7 - revision ( 3 days )

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Demonstration video example

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Meet Your Teacher

Nicky Parr


Nicky Parr

My career in education kicked off in 1993 after studying a 4 year teaching degree and graduating with a BEd Hons. I've been in love with teaching from the start and - after 24 years in the classroom (working with hundreds of students) and then as a private tutor - I've been privileged to develop a deep understanding of the learning process and how to help others to develop skills and secure knowledge.

I've been a Special Needs Coordinator, a Senior Manager in English and Maths, a Special Needs support teacher and a school governor. Oh and a parent to 2 (now adult) children with ADHD :)

Teaching handwriting has always been a particular passion of mine. As a classroom teacher I saw clearly that students who felt proud of their handwriting had more confidence in learning and communicating. I wanted this for all students and always prioritised short spells of daily practice which had a significant positive impact.

In 1999 my son was diagnosed with dyspraxia. One of the problems he faced was learning to write and I set out to help him, determined that he would have access to the many benefits and advantages that writing by hand brings.

It was a long process but one I learned a great deal from. After 20 months of carefully planned, achievable and fun activities he had developed a beautiful, neat cursive style.

My ability to teach people to improve their handwriting has continued to develop over the years and it has given me great pleasure to put this course together, knowing that it has the potential to help you. I have worked with adults across the world on a 1:1 basis; exciting results from doing so inspired me to create this course so that I could reach a wider audience and help more people.

Transforming my son's handwriting

So here's the reason I first became so focused on understanding how to helping improve handwriting.

My son was diagnosed with dyspraxia when he was 3 years old. He faced a number of challenges starting school, one of which was learning left from right, let alone how to hold a pencil.

The thing is children are smart and start to make comparisons early. Jack wanted to learn to write his name like his classmates. So we set to work.

5 minutes a day for 20 months achieved this transformation. I learnt a great deal in the process and have been privileged to helps hundreds of people make improvements to their handwriting ever since :)

Case Study

This example shows the transformation for a client after working 1:1 with me for only one week.

The things people say to me about their writing

What do you say about yours?

With this course and my support you can change it.

What have people said?


  • Is it too late to change my handwriting?

    No! Scientists have discovered that the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout its lifetime. You'll learn more about this in the course.

  • Will my writing end up exactly the same as yours?

    No :) It could be similar but it won't be exactly the same. It will be yours and will evolve as you progress. And at the end of the course we look at ways to personalise your style.

    Even when I was teaching the same specific formations to 30 pupils in a class, I would be able to identify an individual's work from their handwriting.

    Our handwriting is personal to us. That's what makes it special!

  • Will the course work for everyone?

    It will work for everyone who follows the guidance as it is set out.

    If you have specific issues that affect processing information or motor control, more personal guidance will be required. If this is the case please contact me (before you buy the course) to discuss your situation and any queries or concerns. I'll be very happy to hear from you :)

  • If my handwriting doesn't improve can I get a refund?

    We are totally confident that when you follow the course as instructed, your handwriting will improve. In the unlikely event that it is required, we offer a 14 day cooling off period, starting from the date of purchase.

    Our goal is your success! Please remember to use the Discussion feature for additional support, clarification and encouragement :)

  • Do you work personally with people?

    I do work 1:1 with clients for an additional fee

    Your 2 week personal programme costs £249.99

    1:1 daily support and instruction via Zoom video meetings and messaging

    Please email me for more details:

    Terms & Conditions for 1:1 work will be explained on application

  • Do you offer training to schools?

    Yes I offer bespoke training for schools.

    This can range from specific trainings on topics such as 'issues with pen hold' or 'use of handwriting lines' to a whole school review.

    Please contact me to enquire further.

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Meet Nicky

A personal message from Nicky