Handwriting matters...

It's part of our personal identity and - we can't help it - as humans we make comparisons, we make judgements and we form opinions... about ourselves and others.

You know, our handwriting simply reflects past teaching we've had (or haven't had!); the equipment we use; our feelings; and any time pressures we experience as we write.

And yet so many of us feel anxious about it under the weight of judgement.

If you're a parent or teacher you may be experiencing those feelings about your ability to help.

The good news is, it's never too late to change and develop ... our handwriting, our skills and our feelings!


The sooner you act, the sooner you'll experience the pride (and relief) that comes from seeking support, taking action and making this happen!

At Better Handwritten we are passionate about sharing our simple, effective approach. It will help those anxieties melt away, give you great results and leave you feeling fantastic!

In our online courses you'll meet Nicky. She'll guide you step by step through the process, giving you:

- clear, short video guidance

- resources

- examples

And COMING SOON... our Better Handwritten Community Groups will welcome you to live Q&A sessions, and an environment where you'll feel supported, motivated and empowered.

We can't wait to meet you!


  • Can it be too late to change handwriting?

    No! Scientists have discovered that the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout its lifetime.

  • Will my writing end up exactly the same as Nicky's?

    No :) It could be similar but it won't be exactly the same. It will be yours and will evolve as you progress.

    Even when I was teaching the same specific formations to 30 pupils in a class, I could still identify an individual's work from their handwriting.

    Our handwriting is personal to us. That's what makes it special!

  • Will the approach work for everyone?

    It will work for everyone who follows the guidance and develops a practice habit.

    If you have specific issues that affect processing information, visual perception or motor control, more personal guidance will be required. If this is the case please contact us (before you buy the course) to discuss your situation and any queries or concerns. We'll be very happy to hear from you :)

    [email protected]

  • If my handwriting doesn't improve can I get a refund?

    We are totally confident that, when you follow the approach as instructed, your handwriting will improve. We are therefore happy to guarantee a full refund if no progress is made. Simply keep your practice examples as evidence (this is also a great way for you to notice, track and reflect on the changes you WILL make).

    We are here to help you succeed!

  • Does Nicky work personally with people?

    Nicky does work 1:1 with clients although spaces are limited.

    A two-week (8 session) personal programme currently costs £249.99 and includes 1:1 daily support with instruction via personal video recordings and WhatsApp messaging.

    Please note there is a waiting list and it may be several weeks or months before a place becomes available.

    For more details email:

    [email protected]

    Terms & Conditions for 1:1 work will be explained on application

  • Do you offer training to schools?

    Yes we offer bespoke online courses and support for schools.

    This can range from specific trainings on topics such as 'issues with pen hold' or 'use of handwriting lines' to a whole school review.

    Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Meet Nicky


Nicky Parr

My career in education kicked off in 1993 after studying a 4 year teaching degree and graduating with a BEd Hons. I've been in love with teaching from the start and - after 24 years in the classroom (working with hundreds of students) and then as a private tutor and consultant - I've been privileged to develop a deep understanding of the learning process and how to help others to develop skills and secure knowledge.

I've been a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, a Senior Leader for English and Maths, a support teacher for children with additional needs and a school governor. Oh and mum to 2 (now adult) children with ADHD :)

Teaching handwriting has always been a particular passion of mine. As a classroom teacher I saw clearly that children who felt proud of their handwriting had more confidence in learning and communicating. I wanted this for all pupils and prioritised short spells of daily practice which had a significant positive impact.

In 1999 my son was diagnosed with dyspraxia. One of the problems he faced was learning to write and I set out to help him, determined that he would have access to the many benefits and advantages that writing by hand brings.

It gives me great pleasure to share my learnings and experience to support as many people as possible with the Better Handwritten approach, team and community.

Transforming my son's handwriting

So here's the reason I first became so focused on understanding how to helping improve handwriting.

My son was diagnosed with dyspraxia when he was 3 years old. He faced a number of challenges starting school, one of which was learning left from right, let alone how to hold a pencil.

The thing is children are smart and start to make comparisons early. Jack wanted to learn to write his name like his classmates. So we set to work.

5 minutes a day for 20 months achieved this transformation. I learnt a great deal in the process and have been privileged to helps hundreds of people make improvements to their handwriting ever since :)

Case Study

This example shows the transformation for a client after working 1:1 with me for only one week.

The things people say to me about their writing

What do you say about yours?

With this course and my support you can change it.

What have people said?